​Locals appeal for ICCC inspection

​The Independent Consumer and Competition Commission (ICCC) is being called on to inspect Chinese phone shops in Buka.

Residents have raised numerous concerns about the alleged sale of fake Samsung and Huawei phones.

Unsuspecting customers buy the phones, which turn out to be in bad working condition where, for instance, some of the applications fail to work. However, when they try to get a refund, their requests are refused by the shop owners.

This reporter witnessed a customer buy a Samsung J5 for K300, only to discover that the phone was faulty. None of the applications inside were working and the only way to switch it off was to remove the battery.

The customer went back to get his refund, only to discover that there were four other disgruntled clients also waiting for their refunds.

Unfortunately, the shop owner refused to give them a refund, which resulted in a heated argument. Eventually, the customers were refunded but the phones are still being sold.

Furthermore, the counterfeit products are being sold at very low prices. For example, the latest Huawei P10 is around K2,800 but the fake ones are going for K500.

Residents are calling on relevant authorities to inspect the shops and confiscate the counterfeit, faulty products.

(The real Samsung J5)

Peterson Tseraha