Zenag Chicken

Healthy eating campaign launched in Lae

Brand marketing coordinator, John Tamean, outlined that in today’s fast-paced world, we are often too busy to pay attention to what we eat.

“Unhealthy eating habits have become a norm, leading to a rise in chronic illnesses such as obesity and diabetes.

“The Healthy Eating campaign consists of engaging nutritional games like quizzes and puzzles, and making learning more fun and interactive for students.

“Zenag Chicken understands that education is key to fostering healthy habits, and they aim to make it enjoyable and engaging for students.

Handbook for poultry farmers

These vital information handbooks were delivered after a visit in 2021 and the need for more information for poultry farmers. 

In 2021, Farmer's and Settlers Association with funding support from Livestock Development Corporation, DAL Highlands Region, DPI Daulo, NAQIA, Zenag Chicken and Goodman Fielder's undertook Poultry Awareness and Training in Central, Gulf, Madang (Ramu Valley), EHP and parts of Simbu and Jiwaka.

The visits were a success with request for more training at local level government venues and the need for information booklets for poultry farmers.