Friends of POM GEN receive donations

The donation was in support of the Young Port Moresby Chamber of Commerce and Industry Kits4Kids Programme (YPOMCCI).

Kits4Kids is the Brainchild of the YPOMCCI and is intended to provide simple medical kits to support sick children and to also supply basic medical equipment required by the PMGH Children's Ward. It involves the participation of individuals and corporate members of the YPOMCCI through donations and voluntary community service.

Donations of medical equipment consisted of stethoscopes, otoscopes, thermometers and blood pressure machines.

Nasfund YPOMCCI partner

Through the Fund’s ‘Know Your Super’ program, YPOMCCI members were provided an overview of Nasfund, and given an insight into the Fund’s products and services, with a Question & Answer session for participants. 

According to Nasfund Chief Officer Member Services Anne Wilson, this partnership with YPOMCCI was the first for this year.

Wilson said, “Since the start of this year, the Fund has been conducting the Know Your Super sessions for individual companies.

“YPOMCCI is the first NGO to be a beneficiary of this exercise.