Yonki Dam

LOs to benefit from K700,000 funding

The funding comes under the Development Assistance Package as part of the company’s community service obligation to the Yonki people. 

PPL acting CEO Alex Oa said the electricity company is committed to make funding available under the CSO to people where it operates.   

Over K355,000 was released to landowner company – Arona Valley Development Authority, and the remaining balance will be paid at the end of this month.

Yonki Dam generates and supplies electricity to the populous Highlands Region, Madang and Morobe provinces in the Momase Region.

Yonki, Sirinumu “critically low”

“But I cannot give you an exact figure right now,” said John Yanis, acting chief executive officer.

The water catchment in the Yonki reservoir is used to produce hydro-electricity supplying the Ramu grid.

Morobe, Madang and Eastern Highlands are some provinces that benefit from power generated from the Ramu grid.   

Meanwhile, Sirinimu Dam in the Central Province is facing the same fate.

“The water level is at 114 million cubic metres, 34 percent of the full capacity remaining,” Yanis said.

Revamped Yonki to give nation’s power big boost

Phase 2 of the Yonki dam is expected to lift Yonki’s electricity capacity from the current 93MW (after all major refurbishment and upgrade works are completed) to 273MW, an expansion of 194% in the scheme’s generation capacity.

The project site is downstream from the existing Yonki Dam and is capable of generating 180 megawatts (MW) of renewable energy.

The project will cost K800 million.

Micah said the tender process will start soon and the project will begin soon after.


Topshots at Yonki for dam expansion

Prime Minister Peter O'Neill is expected to launch the project. Foreign envoys including the US Ambassador to PNG Walter North, the Korean Ambassador and the New Zealand High Commissioner are also on the flight.

Preparations at Goroka have been going well to welcome the Prime Minister and the team.

He will be flying into Goroka on the government owned Falcon plane.

It is understood the launching today is part of a 3 phase K2 billion expansion of the Yonki scheme, which provides power for Lae, Madang and most of the Highlands provinces.


Sirinumu dam needs continuous rain to buff up stock

Currently the water level mark is at 139 million cubic metres and depleting and when the measurement hits 100 million cubic meters hydro electricity generation will stop and only water supplier Eda Ranu will supply water to Port Moresby and surrounding areas.   

The full water capacity for the dam is 340 million cubic metres.

Yanis said the electricity short fall will be met from diesel and gas turbine.

He said, the dam needs continuous rain to replenish its water stock in the water catchment area.   

Yonki dam level a worry: PNG Power boss

“Yonki (Dam) is having the same problem (like Sirinumu Dam in Port Moresby) the water level has gone below the measurement level, but we are managing that as well,” Yanis answered, referring to a question from Loop PNG.    

“Our (water) release is not like it used to be, what we are doing now is all the releases are all going into the new power station, Yonki Toe Dam, before it goes into the big power stations.  

“I can’t give you a percentage in this point of time; I need to find out the exact volume before I can pass on,” Yanis said.