Wrong body cremated

Wrong body cremated on Saipan

Jorge Gino Bernados' body was initially to be repatriated to the Philippines at the request of his family, but was instead wrongly cremated and sent to another family in Hawaii.

The mistake was only discovered during the supposed public viewing of Mr Bernados' remains.

Mr Bernados' ashes have since been retrieved from Hawaii and are being taken to the Philippines by his brother.

The body mistaken for Mr Bernados has also now been cremated and rightfully sent to his family in Hawaii.

India hospital fined after wrong body cremated

When the daughters of the late Mr Purushothaman turned up to collect his body, they were given the remains of another man - AP Kanthy.

But the Ernakulam Medical Centre insisted it was the right person.

It later emerged that their father's body had already been released to Mr Kanthy's family and cremated.

Both men had died within the same 24-hour period.

The women had been caused "mental agony" over not being able to cremate their father, a consumer court said.