Women In Leadership League (WILL)

​Don’t throw away old devices: DBTI

At a recent donation of old office IT devices and gadgets at Digicel PNG, DBTI IT instructor Noel Kibai spoke about the school’s need for old appliances and devices to help their students in their practical classes.

Kibai welcomed the idea to receive old devices and appliances, adding that even rundown vehicles can be given to the school, provided that all the parts are intact and can be used by their mechanical classes to train on.

Digicel’s Women in Leadership League walk for healthy lifestyle

Starting at 5:30am, the walk began from the Digicel Port Moresby Headquarter in Gordan, following the route to SP Brewery, up onto Poreporena Freeway, around the ring-road to Ela Beach.

This was organised by the Women in Leadership League - a vehicle for driving the recognition of high performing women and women leaders in Digicel.

According to President Gou Kere, the walk is the first activity of the year and had a good turnout.