women candidates

Kaupa Backs Women Candidates

Kaupa said that of the 389 candidates contesting in Eastern Highlands, nine are women.
"Of the nine women contesting, I just want to tell you that you have stood out for the womenfolk.
This was the opportunity for women to vote. We set the election activity plan for women to have their own polling booth as well the the common roll for women,” Kaupa said.
However, he emphasized, “If the womenfolk did not vote well in this election, they should not talk about contesting the elections in the future."

T.H.E Party endorses 7 women

Parliamentary leader Don Polye said women will be an integral partner if THE party forms the government after the June polls.

THE party endorsed 90 candidates to contest for the 111 Parliament seats.    

The Opposition Leader congratulated the newly-elected executives of the National Council of Women and challenged them to advocate on issues affecting their counterparts in the country.

"If our THE party is given the mandate to form the next government, I, as the Prime Minister, will make the council become one of our major partners in development,” Polye vowed.