WNB Governor

Muthuvel appeals for Gov’t support

He said during these tough economic times which is predicted to last for at least the next two to three years, the Government must give assurance to support at least 1 or 2 impact projects for all 22 Provinces as compensation for the slash in PSIP and DSIP.

“I appeal to the National Government to have mercy on the Provinces and equalize the distribution of funding in the name of development and to give serious consideration to those that contribute immensely to the economy and are prone to disaster,” he stressed.

Muthuvel presents truck to Malalia United Church


The truck was presented to the Superintendent Minister, Rev, Robinson Isoli of Malalia United Church in front of a large crowd recently.

Consisting of four congregations and nine pastorates the vehicle will serve its people
from as far as Sabal Tepun and Kasia who fall under the West Nakanai Division.

"We have had people walk as far as 10 to 20km to attend combined service on special occasions, and the vehicle will greatly ease our transport issues," said Rev Aisoli