Renewal gale wind warning issued

The weather service says very strong southwest to northwest winds of 33 to 47 knots are expected to continue within the 24 hours, causing very rough and high seas.

All small crafts and boats are advised to take necessary precautions before and after going out to sea.

Boat operators cautioned

Provincial police commander for East New Britain, Joseph Tabali, issued the caution after his men rescued a missing boat between the waters of Namatanai and Duke of York on Sunday, 30th December, 2018.

All five crew members, including the operator, were rescued with no casualties.

The boat and operator from Namatanai went missing on Saturday where unfortunately, they lost all belongings at sea.

The island of New Britain experienced rough seas and rain since Friday, the 27th.

VIDEO: Heatwave kills at least 749

Major General. Asghar Nawaz, chairman of the National Disaster Management Authority, said 800 people had died as a result of the heat wave in Karachi, the capital of southern Sindh province.

He said another 38 people died in various parts of the Sindh province and the death toll could further rise in the coming days.