Wilson Sagati

Four Central female pilots to start with CASA

In 2014, the four young girls were selected to undergo training at Nelson Aviation College in New Zealand after their training they are now on the streets looking for employment following a failed MOA signed between Central Provincial Government and an airline company for employment did not eventuate. 

However, Provincial Administrator, Gei Raga was overwhelmed yesterday when a Good Samaritan came on board to deliver a contract of employment for the four female pilots at Jackson Airport while farewelling Central students to study in Malaysia.

CASA issues warning to passengers on mobile phones

“The phone should be carried in hand baggage and should not be charged during the flight. Passengers are also reminded of the need to inform cabin crew when a device is damaged, hot, produce smoke, is lost, or falls into the seat structure,” Wilson Sagati, CASA managing director said.

“CASA PNG also recommends air operators to ensure that this information is conveyed to passengers and crew.

“Passengers who own the Galaxy Note 7 model should refer to the manufacturers’ website for further advice.”