Judge suggests law against polygamous marriage

This was echoed in the Waigani National Court by a judge who sentenced a woman to 15 years in prison for killing another woman who was also married to her husband.

On June 4th, 2016, Engan woman Serah James killed one of her husband’s wives at the Erima Wildlife, in Port Moresby.

Prosecution asked for a sentence term of between 25-30 years in jail for the offence, but the court sentenced James to 15 years in jail yesterday, for taking another person’s wife.

Man mentally unstable after consuming ‘ginger’

This follows his successful appeal against that sentence term.

A three-judge Supreme Court quashed the life sentence because they were of the view the trial judge made some errors.

It found that the National Court did not give enough regard to mitigating factors such as his early plea, absences of planning and Tauba Laiam’s contention that his mind was affected after his father-in-law gave him ‘ginger’.

The Supreme Court today ordered a fresh warrant of commitment to reflect the 30-year sentence.

Husband slept in same room as wife's body for six days

Wendy Davison, 50, died at home in Derby last month after a 10-year battle with cervical cancer.

Russell Davison, who has been left "heartbroken", said he did not want her body to go to a mortuary and he wanted to challenge attitudes towards dying.

It is legal to keep a body at home and Derbyshire Coroner's Court confirmed Mrs Davison's GP reported her death.

Mr Davison said: "Death seems to be such a taboo subject in our society, no-one seems to want to talk about it.

Woman arrested for assaulting husband’s second wife

The 54 year old  from Tari was taken into the Boroko cells this morning, after the victim, 43, reported the matter.

The attack took place at their residence near the 5 mile ridge area on Thursday (January 11th).

Police said the suspect was not happy with her husband, a retired policeman, after he stopped giving her money during the festive season last year.

The 62 year old man also from Tari had married the two women traditionally but according to police reports was not keeping his monetary obligation to his first wife.

Woman tricks ‘rival’ by using husband’s phone

She beat up another woman for allegedly having an affair with her husband.

The woman 37 bashed the alleged mistress aged 22 and broke her right hand.