Westly Nukundi Nukundj

Kantha’s appointment illegal, says Minister

Minister Nukundj said the Office of the State Solicitor has not given the legal clearance for the appointment of Kantha as Chief Migration Officer citing serious flaws and omissions and there was no valid contract of employment between him and the State, as his appointment was illegal.

Nukundj said he was not on the shortlist of candidates recommended by Ministerial Executive Appointment Committee (MEAC) at that material time.

Weather service issues addressed: Minister

Minister Nukundj clarified their pay levels and benefits evolved since the start of the last decade, where they wanted to maintain their salary levels even after they had been paid out their original Civil Aviation Authority Salary Fixation Agreement Entitlements.

In a statement released earlier this week, Minister Nukundj confirmed having an audience with the weather officers on several different occasions.

However, their actions to stop work portray arrogance and are demeaning after necessary steps were undertaken to resolve their salary discrepancies.