Western Highlands

WHP urges self-reliance

But that has not dampened their spirits.

The provincial administration team is working with the little provided by the Government to empower the people to take charge of their own welfare.

The Governor for Western Highlands Province, Paias Wingti, and the Western Highlands Provincial Administration team recently presented the 2017 Services Improvement Program and the Provincial Support Grants acquittals to the Department of Rural Development and Implementation.

Kagamuga airport disrupted by candidates and supporters

Flights in and out of the airport were cancelled with frustrated passengers from the other Highlands Provinces left stranded.

Air Niugini Public Relations confirmed the suspension of its afternoon flight, and said an official statement will be released once approved by the CEO.

A passenger who travelled from neighbouring Southern Highlands Province, Brian Waffi said it was frustrating because he did not plan to spend a night in Mt Hagen.

He said all the candidates and their supporters are sitting on the tarmac and protesting.

New health centre opens to help 15,000 people

Providing a labour ward, in-patient, out-patient services, consultation rooms, family planning services and antenatal clinic, the Trolga Health Centre will provide health services to approximately 15,000 people in the entire community as well as eight surrounding wards.   

The opening ceremony, held in Trolga on February 27, celebrated the handing over of ownership of the health centre to the Western Highlands Provincial Health Department.

Nukundj leads way with successful implementation of DSIP projects

The district was once in a deplorable stage over the years and now it is experiencing a major infrastructures being implemented in terms of education, health, roads and bridges. 

One of the major success of the DDA is the rehabilitation and building of new double classrooms and dormitories for both elementary, primary and secondary schools as well as up-grading and sealing of all feeder and new roads within the district.

Independence Day climb to Mt Wilhelm summit a success

Fifty climbers successfully reached the summit of the highest mountain in Papua New Guinea at 6am on Independence Day.

Mt Wilhelm summit is 4,509m high and it is located among spike range peaks in the northeast between Madang and Western Highlands provinces.

The climbers consisted of students, school teachers, guardians and parents.

The trekkers started their journey up the mountain in the morning of Thursday, September 15 and reached the summit at 6am on Independence Day.

Mt Hagen Show gets backing from SP

This time, supporting the Mt Hagen Cultural Show with ten thousand kina.

Regional Sales Manager, Rutger Scheer confirmed the Brewery’s involvement saying they are proud to support the show.

He said such events showcases the rich cultural traditions from the Western Highlands as well as from neighbouring provinces.

He further added that the annual support from SP Brewery to various provincial shows is a firm testament of their support in preserving PNG’s rich cultural diversity.