West Papuans

62 West Papuans awarded PNG citizenship

The awarding of 62 citizenship to West Papuans in Vanimo brings the total number of former West Papuans (now PNG citizens) to 1,352 since the Immigration and Citizenship Authority (ICA) started the process of registration and citizenship for West Papuans in 2017.

“You have waited for all this time for 30 to 40 years and I would like to thank you for your patience,” Minister Thomas said during the citizenship award ceremony.

“The time has come and I am pleased, on behalf of the PNG Government, to formally recognise you as PNG citizens.”

Seven Papuans killed in Indonesian military operation

The remote Highlands area has been the focus of efforts by the Indonesian military, or TNI, to hunt down members of the West Papua Liberation Army.

Five civilians, including two young children, were killed according to local human rights workers as the TNI mounted land and air attacks on the Liberation Army in Tingginambut District.

Two members of the Liberation Army were also reportedly killed in the incident which happened earlier this week.

Roll out of PNG Citizenship for West Papuans

This is in regards to PNG Citizenship registration for West Papuan Refugees.

Assistant Manager for the West Papua section, Refugee division, Elizabeth Gavara told Loop PNG that her office needs to find out the number of West Papuans living in the NGI region before they can work out dates and venues for the registration exercise.

“It’s important for all West Papuan Refugees living in the country to obtain PNG Citizenship status so they can have the same rights and have access to public services along with other  Papua New Guineans,” said Gavara.

Indonesia says mass Papuan arrest claim is wrong

Earlier this week the Australia West Papua Association called for Canberra to press Jakarta over the arrests in the city of Nabire of about 150 Papuans, mostly members of the pro-independence West Papua National Committee, or KNPB.

But a statement from the Indonesian Embassy in Wellington says these arrests did not happen.

It says only one KNPB sympathiser was arrested on July 1st and released the next day.

The statement says two other Papuans were detained on 2 July and held for questioning.

300 West Papuans declare loyalty to PNG

Deputy Chief Migration Officer, Esther Gaegaming, said this during the World Refugee Day commemoration in Port Moresby.

The Melanesian people who occupy the other half of the land mass with PNG had lived illegally in the country for decades, escaping persecution from their homeland.   

Gaegaming said the ceremony was held last week where 300 West Papuans, who have been granted citizenship, were chosen from the nationwide registration.   

“They have been leaving with us for decades under an agreement that was not formalised.

West Papuans given land in city

That piece of land is located at the back of Gerehu stage 1 along the newly opened Gerehu to Nine-Mile road.

The land allocated for the West Papua Refugees lies directly opposite the Public Servants housing project.

At least 10 hectares of land has been allocated through the help of NCD Governor Powes Parkop.

The West Papuans have welcomed the initiative, which comes at a time when many of them are being evicted from their temporary place of residents in Port Moresby.

West Papuans voice support for MSG integration

The peaceful demonstrations in the main cities of Indonesia's Papua region were attended by thousands of West Papuans under the banner of the United Liberation Movement for West Papua.