West Papua

Papua police reaffirm legal process over Tolikara

A boy was killed and around eleven people injured in the shootings in the Tolikara centre of Karubaga, amid unrest in which shops and a small mosque were burnt.

Religious leaders signed a peace treaty following the incident a month ago.

The Jakarta Post reports Papua's police chief Paulus Waterpauw has said closure resulting from the treaty would not last long as it would not be accepted by certain groups.

He says the incident must be legally processed and not just dealt with by customary settlement.

Indonesia is into the MSG, says PNG

In a break from tradition where announcement of the MSG Leaders decision is supposed to be made by its chair, host of the summit, Prime Minister Mannaseh Sogavare of Solomon Islands, O’Neill’s office announced that Indonesia is an associate member of the MSG and that the United Liberation Movement of West Papua has been granted observer status.
“Today is very a important day for peace and goodwill for our brothers and sisters living in Indonesia’s Melanesian provinces,” said O’Neill’s press announcement.

Vanuatu support encourages West Papuans for talks

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The secretary general of the United Liberation Movement for West Papua says he is confident in Vanuatu's support, despite the change in government.

Vanuatu got a new government 12 days ago after a vote of no confidence.

The ULMWP's Octo Mote is in Port Vila ahead of this week's Melanesian Spearhead Group summit in neighbouring Solomon Islands, where the West Papuan group will be pushing for full membership of the MSG.

PM likens West Papuans to Kanaks movement

However, he said what the MSG leaders will be focusing on is to try and find the right organisation that is going to represent them at MSG.

He said in order for that to happen, West Papua leaders must be elected, mandated and properly appointed to participate in the MSG.

“We cannot expect anybody coming up from the streets and telling us that we represent these groups of people,” he said  

However, O’Neill emphasised that “we have to do it properly and that is in an orderly manner that we want to allow our brothers and sisters in West Papua to participate.

West Papuans would take MSG observer status

The secretary general of the United Liberation Movement for West Papua, Octo Mote, says membership is needed to highlight the human rights abuses in the Indonesian region.

The leaders of the MSG, representing Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, Fiji and the Kanaks of New Caledonia, meet this week in Honiara.

At least two of the countries are pushing for the ULMWP to get observer status.

Mr Mote says the decision is for the leaders to make.

West Papuans and friends stage protest


The petition which was received by Oro Governor Gary Juffa calls for

  • The PNG government to actively pursue the Indonesian government on issues of human rights abuses

  • To raiseWest Papua human rights issues with other Cmmonwealth countries,

  • To be a neutral mediator between Indonesia and West Papua to find a way for self-determination.

  • For PNG government to support Vanuatu to sponsor a resolution at the Melanesian Spearhead Group Leaders (MSG) Summit for West Papua to be given observer status

MSG meeting to discuss West Papua bid for membership

Solomon Islands is hosting the 20th MSG Leaders’ Summit from June 18th to the 26th.

The United Liberation Movement for West Papua was formed last year when Vanuatu hosted a reunification summit for West Papuan representative groups.

This includes groups who are lobbying for independence from Indonesia.

The groups came together to launch a new bid to join the MSG after an earlier application by a West Papuan group was rejected by MSG leaders.

ULMWP acknowledges solidarity in Melanesia

Solomon Islands Prime Minister, Manasseh Sogavare said his government will endorse West Papua to be an Observer of the MSG and this Observer Status is given only to one united group.

Secretary General of the ULMWP, Octovianus Mote, thanked Prime Minister, Manasseh Sogavare, and his Cabinet, in exercising its decision making mandate on behalf of the people of Solomon Islands.

Melanesia begins preparatory meetings to Leaders Summit

Interests to join the Melanesian Spearhead Group by the pro-independence group in West Papua as well as Indonesia are expected to dominate next week’s biennial summit in the Solomon Islands of MSG Leaders.