West New Britain Governor Sasindran Muthuvel

Kimbe Hospital funding still being finalized

Treasurer Ian Ling Stuckey responded saying that it is not a straightforward issue but the government is getting there, stating ‘hopefully’ he will have some good news to report to Governor Muthuvel in the near future.

“Kimbe hospital will cost around K300 million. That’s a very large project so that requires a lot of assessment. To get straight to the point, the status of the Kimber hospital, treasury is now finalizing an NEC submission to take to cabinet to endorse this particular project.

Treasurer says there are five other similar large projects totaling K1.2 billion.

Muthuvel urges delay for FMA signing

Governor Muthuvel has requested the Forest Minister, Solan Mirism to postpone the signing of the Ania Kapiura Fulleborne Forest Management Agreement (FMA) until all concerns raised by the landowners from Gasmata are addressed.

In a letter addressed to the minister, Governor Muthuvel expressed his lack of understanding of terms like FMA and TRP but emphasized the significance of committing to a 35-year logging agreement without obtaining the full consent of all affected landowners.

Muthuvel Clarifies Investment

The governor said that this election was tightly contested and he won with a narrow margin ‘I must thank my contenders for this tight race. This awakened me to do more for my people if I have to be in the race next time. There was a collective propaganda against me with my foreign origin.  He added “My people know that my loyalty is to the WNB Province first and to PNG therefore, they voted me back in.

Muthuvel commends split of Talasea

He said while the ground work for functions and powers is yet to be done, the decision is overwhelmingly welcomed by the people of West New Britain. 
“Many valid points were raised by my brother MPs - while some I disagree with, others I believe need to be deliberated on more, my main concern was for WNB to finally have a new district to be serve our people more efficiently and equally.
“And indeed the milestone has come into fruition. 

Muthuvel calls for economic autonomy

Governor Muthuvel made these remarks during the ‘Governors and Ministers conference’ in Port Moresby yesterday.

“I am sure other provinces face similar challenges, but in West New Britain, the provincial government has to deal with these issues under immense difficulties.

“While I am not one to shift blame and I try my absolute best to solve these issues, it must be made absolutely clear that these challenges are made difficult due to the centralization of powers in Port Moresby.

Muthuvel Visits Bali Vitu

During his electoral visit, Muthuvel visited Bali Vitu island on Sunday,  7th of November and opened a new classroom at Rukaboroko and Navandau primary schools. Both schools are in ward four of Bali/Vitu LLG.

He also presented a sawmill to Bali Vitu LLG before traveling by boat to Kumburi to open another double classroom.

The team left for Small Vitu for the opening of the Rangu Aid Post and overnight at Lambe village in Big Vitu.

On day three, Governor Muthuvel and his team traveled to Meto village for the official opening of the Meto aid post.

Muthuvel in clear

The Waigani National Court dismissed all grounds of the petition that was filed by Chris Lagisa.

Justice George Manuhu found the petition incompetent, dismissing it and ordered for the security deposit of K5,000 to pay for Muthuvel and the Electoral Commission’s costs.

One of the petition grounds which questioned Muthuvel’s citizenship status was found to be incompetent.

Lagisa alleged that Muthuvel had a dual citizenship status however, the court found that was just an assumption.

WNB Governor donates police patrol cars

Before presenting the vehicles yesterday, the Governor imparted an inspiring speech, emphatically touching on the important role of women in society and the need for people to adopt positive changes in their lives.

Governor Muthuvel called for society to give more recognition to women in the essence of development, saying they are the foundation of the family and are more trustworthy compared to their male counterparts.

Indian Exim Bank loan still in discussions

Treasurer, Patrick Pruaitch, says negotiations are ongoing as there are arrangements which need to be adhered too before an agreement is made.

Pruatich said this in response to West New Britain Governor, Sasindran Muthuvel,, in Parliament today when queried on the $US100 million commitment made by the Indian President, Shri Pranab Mukherjee, when visiting PNG last year.

Muthuvel said part of the loan is earmarked for his Province and wanted to know what the delay was in facilitating the loan which has a very low interest rate compared to other institutions.

PNG needs intelligent police officers, says Muthuvel

The Governor said PNG needs officers who are intelligent and have some understanding of the justice system. Governor Muthuvel made this remark when officially opening the Police Commissioner’s Conference in Kimbe, WNBP, last Monday.

“To become a police officer, you need to be properly educated and trained. They must be of sound mind, intelligent, mental alertness, having the physical strength and able to make split-second decisions,” Governor Muthuvel said.