Amazon data centre fault knocks websites offline temporarily

Amazon Web Services (AWS) allows firms to rent cloud servers in order to host data on the internet without needing to invest in their own infrastructure.

On Tuesday, sites such as Quora, a Q&A forum, and Trello, which helps people monitor productivity, went down.

After several hours, Amazon said it had rectified the problem.

It did not make public the reason behind the disruption.

As well as sites that went down, other services, such as workplace collaboration tool Slack, also lost some key functionality.

Websites can now track 36 features of your computer

They take the advantage of a thing known as Fingerprinting. In this, a digital fingerprint (a unique set of information) of the user’s web browser is generated. Among various things, it usually contains time zone information, various settings, and tells if Do Not Track is enabled or not. But this fingerprint is confined to a single wOeb browser. If a person starts using another browser on their computer, things might not be the same.

Why is Google trying to murder HTTP connection used by Websites?

The HTTP connection used by many websites is enough to lure malevolent minds to fulfill their intentions. Google is determined to demote the adoption of HTTP connection by websites.