Water level

Sirinumu Dam heading into shallow waters

The dam situated in the Sogeri LLG of Kairuku-Hiri electorate in Central Province supplies water to residents of Port Moresby and parts of Central Province.

PNG Power Limited (PPL) uses the water to generate hydro-electricity to supports its power grid in the nation’s capital

PPL acting chief executive officer John Yanis in an earlier interview said, PPL will stop generating electricity when the water mark hits the 100 Mm3 mark.

Water level at Sirinumu Dam - 116.78 million cubic meters

The total capacity for the dam catchment area is 340 MCM.

There is an agreement by the State owned power and water supplier if the water level drops to 100MCM where Eda Ranu will use the remaining water in the catchment area to supply drinking water to Port Moresby and its surrounding areas.

And PPL will resort to fuel generators to fill the short fall to provide electricity.      

“PPL has reduced (electricity) generation at Rouna Hydro. We have not reached the system 100 MCM yet at the dam,” Yanis told Loop PNG.