Warren Koaba

Trial on stolen noodles goes to Goroka

Arrested and charged with one count of dishonest application and false pretence, Warren Koaba from the Central Province went for mention at the Waigani National Court this week. 

The court was told his case has been transferred to Goroka, which will be presided over by Deputy Chief Justice Sir Gibbs Salika on April 3.

The Waigani Committal Court found sufficient evidence to put his case for trial.

Enough evidence in noodles containers theft

Warren Koaba was arrested and charged for false pretense and dishonestly applying properties of his employer, Nestle, between June and September last year in the Eastern Highlands Province.

The court in its ruling found there was sufficient evidence the containers of noodles went missing while they were being moved from a yard in the Eastern Highlands Province by the accused, who was the area sales manager then.

The five containers allegedly went missing from the Mapai Transport yard during transportation under the supervision of Koaba.