Wamp Nga Mt Hagen Eagles

Muruks restore pride

The sobering loss to the Goroka Lahanis in last week's Digicel Cup's round 5 saw the Mendi outfit determinedly take the field to restore their lost pride. 

In front of a record crowd at the Lae Rugby League oval, the PRK Mendi Muruks recorded their opening converted try through Clent Lama, 12 minutes into the first match of round six. 

The Mt Hagen Eagles pushed hard to reciprocate. However, a high tackle pushed them back with halfback Josiah Jimmy successfully scoring a penalty kick. 

PNGRFL to discuss penalties imposed on Eagles and Gurias

PNGRFL CEO Bob Cutmore said the penalties enforced on the club and players will still stand.

“PNGRFL will meet on Saturday to discuss the events that happened to see that the right process and procedure are followed (by PNGNRL),” Cutmore said.  

Below were the decisions PNGNRL reached on the semi-final incident.

Wamp Nga Mt. Hagen Eagles: