Walter Schnaubelt

Focus on people’s empowerment

Member for Namatanai, Walter Schnaubelt, handed over the plan that charts a new course of direction for all involved in the development of the district, including all government stakeholders, civil society, churches and private sector partners.

Reinstate district administrator: Namatanai MP

In a statement, the Namatanai MP is calling on the Provincial Administrator to immediately reinstate Yipma.

Walter Schnaubelt said the allegations and disciplinary actions by Provincial Administrator, Lawmiller Pawut, had their validity questioned due to the fact the Yipma has been acting without a legitimate contract of employment.

Yipma was alleged to have breached section 41 of the Public Service Management Act for misconduct and willfully defying orders, and was charged administratively for breaching his contract as a senior contract officer.

Group questions Namatanai MP’s stance

In the May 16th article, Walter Schnaubelt was reported to have said though too much remained unknown about the environmental impacts of seabed mining, ‘that doesn't mean that we just shut the door’.

Schnaubelt further said he was keeping an open mind on potential seabed mining, and he would maintain a neutral stand until adequate information on the benefits of the Solwara 1 project are made available to him.

Chan seeks review of petition dismissal

However, his lawyers are yet to receive a written ruling from the trial judge, who decided on the petition in order to file the application for leave.

Chan’s lawyers told the Supreme Court yesterday (April 13) they are yet to receive the written ruling outlining the reasons for the dismissal.

They intend to seek leave of the court to review the dismissal but require the written ruling.

Chief Justice Sir Salamo Injia, sitting as single Supreme Court judge, extended the time for Chan to move his application to April 27.

Court refuses Chan’s application

Petitioner Byron Chan last week asked the court to refer seven questions to the Supreme Court surrounding the alleged illegal use of the aeroplane fold or ‘balus fold’ that was used by Schnaubelt’s supporters during polling.

Today, Justice Collin Makail gave his ruling on the application, refusing to refer the proposed questions.

He said they are not serious and complex to justify their referral to the Supreme Court, but are based on allegations of illegal practice outlined in the petition.

Chan files petition

The petition, filed by Byron Chan, today came for direction hearing where orders were issued for parties to get witness statements prepared and filed for those they intend to call. This is for when the matter goes for trial.

The petition alleges five instances of illegal practice, four instances of bribery and two instances of errors and omission on the part of the Electoral Commission.

Chan is seeking in the petition to have the court declare the election of Walter Schnaubelt null and void.

VIDEO: Schnaubelt on Sea bed Mining

He was asked about his stance on the issue during TV Wans National Election program last night.


Meredith Kuusa with more 


Schnaubelt: No talks between N.A and P.N.C yet

Schnaubelt is also the new member elect for Namatanai Open in New Ireland Province.

He confirmed that talks with smaller parties and independent candidates for a grand coalition had already started but not with the ruling, People’s National Congress Party.      

“At the moment, it is P.N.C vs N.A, and N.A will give it their best shot to try and form the next government,” Schnaubelt said.   

NA confident to win 25 seats

NA Party president and declared winner for Namatanai Open, Walter Schnaubelt, is beaming with confidence, with the current progressive results of counting in the 2017 National Elections.      

“National Alliance is looking confortable to win at least 25 seats,” Schnaubelt announced in a media conference this afternoon.  

“We are tracking that way right now, and we are confident to have these numbers.

“We are also in discussion with 20 independent candidates who are happy to join the team, in relations to the formation of the (new) government.

Sir Julius thanks his son Byron acknowledging newly elected Member

The incumbent New Ireland Governor saiid “The Namatanai have lost a humble representative, a man with a heart and love for his people – a true friend of all New Irelanders and Papua New Guinea will lose an honest Minister.

“But I have gained a son and I am very proud of his dedication to duty and loyalty to the Government”.

He acknowledged the newly elected MP, Walter Schnaubelt and reiterated his often plea for true Leadership and Cooperation – what he says is the foundation of the peoples future in New Ireland.


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