Wally Lewis

Stars headline grand final entertainment while King Wally gets royal treatment

Grand Final Week officially kicked off on Sunday evening with Brisbane City Hall, King George Tower and the Hilton lit up with iconic images from the season, tributes to Penrith and South Sydney, the game’s fans and a thank you to the Queensland community for their hospitality.

King George Square in the Brisbane CBD is being renamed King Wally Square in honour of Queensland Immortal Wally Lewis as part of a two-day NRL Fan Fest on Thursday and Friday, culminating with the appearance of both teams on Friday afternoon.

Wally Lewis: QLD won’t be short of determination

Queensland will be without the services of big name players like Matt Scott, Greg Inglis and finally Johnathan Thurston for game one of the State Of Origin this Wednesday.

“They’re the toughest games all of time. They’re the hardest games. Things haven’t exactly been going Queensland’s way,” he said.

“They’ve had a lot of injuries. Of course, this is coming on the top of the retirement of Corey Parker last year.

The King: Keep your dreams alive

The guest speaker at the event, Lewis encouraged athletes to always work hard in their careers and to never give up.

Universally recognised as ‘The King’, Lewis played 31 State of Origin matches and a decade-long Test career spanning 34 matches.

“Plan what you want to do. Everyone wants to get to the top, don’t be disappointed if you don’t make it straight away.

“Also, plan some alternatives. If things don’t work out, there must be a second option.

​Sports awards winners revealed

The event, held at the Crowne Plaza hotel in Port Moresby, brought together the best sports athletes and officials from all over the country. Last night marked 25 years of the Sports Awards.

Guest speaker at the event, rugby league legend ‘The King' Wally Lewis, congratulated the winners.

“The Sports Awards are a chance for the athletes and officials to get some sort of recognition for the wonderful work they’ve been doing for the country,” said Lewis.

He also encouraged athletes and officials to never give up and keep their dreams alive.