Walk the Talk against Cancer - PNG

Bring the cancer facilities to PNG!

There may come a time when you, or someone close to you, will be told that the only option now is to go to the Philippines or Australia or Singapore. 

When faced with reality, only those who can afford are flying abroad for cancer diagnosis and treatments while even more remain in the country and lose the battle.

Project manager of PNG’s Walk the Talk against Cancer, Barbara Toiya, says the real need now is to bring in the cancer facilities.

This should be ultimate goal in PNG’s fight against cancer.

Fight against cancer takes on a new turn in PNG

This fire has been fuelled by the recent six days walkathon from Asaro to Kundiawa under the banner “Mari Mari” Walk the Talk against cancer in PNG.

With more women determined to participate, the Corporate Dinner which was initially planned for December 10, has been pushed back to March 24,2017. 

This event will coincide with the PNG National Women’s Day, adding more meaning to the celebration.