Wake Goi

Minister challenges NCDC’s initiative

Minister Goi said this in response to NCD Governor Powes Parkop’s recent announcement that work is in progress to establish a Youth Advisory Committee to tap into the potential of the youth population in the city.

Jimi Open petition fails to meet requirements

The petition disputing Wake Goi’s election as Jimi MP was thrown out of the Waigani National Court on Friday.

Justice Ellenas Batari found the petition incompetent because petitioner Mai Dop failed to comply with Form 1 of the 2017 election petition rules.

That form should contain details (name, occupation and address) of two attesting witnesses when the petition is filed in court disputing an election.

MP subsidises airfares for locals

Jimi MP, Wake Goi, presented a cheque to MAF during the weekend in Mt Hagen.

It was the part payment of a K2 million commitment to subsidise airfares for the people of Jimi within a four-year period.

The implementation of the scheme commences on the first week of November and a review would take place after three months’ time.