Waigani Police Station

​Waigani Police Station booths more organised

The busy shop front at TST Waigani was deserted as eligible voters, in an orderly manner, turned up at the Waigani Police Station to cast their votes early this morning.

Polling booths opened just before 10am.

All shops around the area, including the main Waigani market, were closed this morning. Not even a single Asian shop remained open.

And unlike the Burns Peak polling area at Hohola, the three booths at Waigani were well organised as voters quietly and patiently stood in line to cast their votes.

​Doctor’s car ransacked at police station

Dr Berry, a Resident Medical Officer (RMO) attached to the Port Moresby General Hospital Obstetrics & Gynaecology Services, was attacked by drunken policemen on Wednesday, May 31, without any form of reasoning.

Last Friday (June 9), with the assistance of Internal Police Affairs, he went to the Waigani station only to find his car in a disappointing state.

“We found out that my car battery, some tools, back seat cover, which was new, were stolen, as well as the safety sticker was ripped off,” Dr Berry told Loop PNG.

Undisclosed number of inmates escapes from Waigani police cells

This escape occurred around 6:30 to 7am this morning.

Waigani Police Station Commander Jerry Yawa confirmed this with Loop PNG this morning upon arriving at the station.

“All of them have escaped but this is because an incident occurred before hand.”

Yawa says details are still sketchy and police are yet to confirm the details of what had actually taken place this morning that resulted in the escape of the prisoners in their holding cells.

“Quite a good number of them have escaped from their holding cells,” says Yawa.

PNGDF personnel arrested for bashing up captain’s son

The incident took place on Sunday, 27th November, at the army barracks at ATS when Captain Patrick Minjihau’s son and his friend were drinking outside his home.

They were allegedly approached by another group of officers, who were also drinking the previous night (Saturday).

They had a heated argument when one of the two boys swore at them. The men then retaliated by punching the boys.

The boys were chased into their own yard by the soldiers, where they turned and chased the officers out again.

Young woman allegedly killed by angry husband

Her body was taken in a taxi to the Waigani Police Station around 7.30am, where a large crowd gathered to catch a glimpse of her.

Police told Loop PNG that the woman, believed to be 18-years-old, from Hela Province, ran away from her husband and was renting at Morata. He somehow found out about her place of residence and fronted up around 5am today.