Waigani National Court

Grace period expires, women sentenced

Helen Kura and Margret Ani were sentenced separately by the Waigani National Court to serve two and three-year jail terms respectively after they failed to repay monies they stole from different organisations within the time allocated by the court.

Kura was convicted and sentenced to two years in jail on November 2015 for stealing K11,700.

From the money stolen, she only repaid K200 to the court. One year, three-and-a-half months later, she still had an outstanding of K11,500.

Date set for Parker to stand trial

He returned to court on Monday morning before Deputy Chief Justice Sir Gibbs Salika, who set the matter for a possible 4-day trial from May 1.

Public Prosecutor Pondros Kaluwin informed the court that the state will proceed the trial on the charge of murder.

Parker was initially charged for wilful murder in June 2015.

The 44-year-old from Minj, Jiwaka Province, was arrested and charged with the wilful murder of his chief aircraft engineer, 54-year-old Lapan Nason, from New Ireland Province, on June 8, 2015.

Arrest warrant issued for couple on murder charge

Justice Panuel Mogish issued directions for police officers to apprehend 27-year-old mother of two, Olivia Warome and her 34-year-old husband Kume Keware.

Both are on National Court bail but did not appear in court when their cases went for mention.

“I am trying to expedite these cases. People on bail, I will not have mercy on them. They are all over the place and affecting our progress.

“If those accused are not turning up in court, you might as well have them remanded,” the judge said when issuing directions for them to be arrested.

Land valuer’s jail term suspended

Mariano Edward Lakae of Apanaipi village, Bereina, Central province, who conspired with two others to defraud the National Provident Fund some 18 years ago, was sentenced to six years in prison. However, the court wholly suspended that jail term because the accused has since aged and the case had dragged on for too long.

The court was of the view that Lakae’s case took too long to come to finality and he suffered enough.

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Duma declines to clarify his removal


The former Minister for State Enterprises and Hagen MP William Duma has declined to comment about the National Executive Council decision on his removal.

Man forges former wife’s signature to sell home

Bawa: Court decision is a huge relief for me

In a press conference after the hearing, Bawa said that from the start, he had maintained his stand that he had done the right thing in following the administrative process.

“I believe that I was charged for doing the right thing. For following due process and being accountable for the allegations that they made against me and that has been my stand since day one,” Bawa said.

Bawa says he had even approached his successor to try to explain to him over the allegations that what he had alleged was not true but despite many attempts, the allegations were put forward.”

Bawa: My case was a witch hunt

His case of misappropriation allegations was dismissed today by Deputy Chief Justice Sir Gibbs Salika after the state filed a notice they will not continue with his case to trial because they do not have enough evidence.

“It’s a huge relief for me simply because I’ve been put through 11 months of torture for something that from day 1 maintained that I have never done wrong,” he told Loop PNG after court this morning.

Andy Bawa's case dismissed

Bawa and his lawyers returned before Deputy Chief Justice Sir Gibbs Salika where an indictment on the charge of misappropriation was presented in court.

However, right after the indictment was presented, a statement of nolle prosequi was entered by the state indicating they will no longer pursue the case because they do not have enough evidence.

Sir Gibbs dismissed his case, ordering a refund of his bail monies of K1000.

Airport heist ‘insider’ refused bail

Alex Una, 38-years-old, from Gogoi village, Rigo, Central Province, and his lawyer went before the court with a bail application last Friday.

That application was refused today by Justice Panuel Mogish because he was of the view that no good reason was put forward by Una to support his bail application.

The judge also raised concerns about the substantial amount of money that was stolen which is yet to be recovered by police.

“A staggering amount of K1.195 million was stolen from Tropicair staff. There is no evidence that all the monies have been recovered.

Former cab driver to get K116,000

This happened after he lost sight to his right eye and four teeth at the hands of police.

The Waigani National Court ordered the state to pay Nathan Kandakasi damages for breach of human rights, civil wrongs committed by police, false imprisonment and malicious prosecution.

Kandakasi was assaulted by police, arrested and detained for two days following an incident at the Vision City carpark on March 29, 2012.