Waigani National Court

Suspended Hela PA goes to court

Bando who is also the Chairman of the Hela Election Steering Committee is challenging his suspension due to the urgency of the upcoming election.

His lawyer went to court yesterday and again today, but was unable to move the urgent application because the state was short served the application and counsels with the files did not appear in court.

He is asking the court to set aside his suspension.

Manus MP's review thrown out

Justice Collin Makil, in his decision this morning, found that the Leadership Tribunal's decision was not unreasonable and bias, thus the penalty recommendation for dismissal from office should stand.

He said the member’s review failed, dismissing it with cost as he was of the view that Knight was not denied a fair hearing.

This decision of the review came a day before the issue of writs tomorrow, after the trial was conducted in April last year.

The disappointed member said he will seek legal advice on his next step, indicating a Supreme Court appeal.

Arrested for assaulting former wife

George Hanio was arrested and charged by police on allegations he physically assaulted his former wife after a domestic argument at Murray Barracks on 18 June 2015, which left her with a fractured arm and leg.

He appeared before Justice Panuel Mogish, where he pleaded guilty to causing grievous bodily harm to his former wife.

He admitted to the offence and apologised to the court for his actions, but said he was provoked by his wife, who back then, used to sleep out without informing him.

Another successful ITFS case

Justice Panuel Mogish today found David Kumalau Pondros guilty of dishonestly applying to his own use and the use of others K5, 317, 375.16, money belonging to the Independent state of Papua New Guinea.

Chairman of the Investigation Task Force Sweep Team, Sam Koim and Director of National Fraud and Anti-Corruption Directorate Matthew Damaru were among those present in court today for the verdict.

Pondros is the Managing Director of David Consultants and Associates Ltd.

Flex theft case transferred

Norman Ilikis of Turagunan village, Kokopo, East New Britain Province appeared on Monday before Deputy Chief Justice Sir Gibbs Salika for mention where his case was transferred to Justice Panuel Mogish.

The case was transferred because Sir Gibbs had previously dealt with and sentenced Glenda Nugai, the woman who conspired with Norman Ilikis to steal K232, 000 worth of Digicel flex out of the company.

He will next appear in court before Justice Mogish.  

Twivey’s bail reviewed

Twivey’s lawyer appeared before Deputy Chief Justice Sir Gibbs Salika on Monday, where her District Court bail conditions were converted to National Court bail conditions. She remains on an extended bail of K1,000.

The State and her lawyers were also told to file pre-trial review statements before a trial date can be set. The matter returns to court on May 1.

On March 9, Twivey was committed to stand trial in the Waigani National Court to answer to allegations of perverting the course of justice in 2015.

Two in Maybank robbery trial discharged

Alphonse Samson of Eastern Highlands Province and Sonix Alowale were today discharged of the charge or information of stealing against them.

Their lawyer had earlier asked the court to dismiss the case against them through an application they had no case to answer to based on the ground that they were standing trial for the wrong charge.

They were charged with stealing when there was evidence they received stolen proceeds of the crime.

Trial judge and Deputy Chief Justice Sir Gibbs Salika allowed the no case submission, dismissing them on the charge of stealing.

Woman admits to killing cousin

Olivia Warome of Watabung village, Daulo, Eastern Highlands Province today admitted before the Waigani National court to killing Wendy Wauwe on the night of April 18, 2015 at the Five-Mile ridge settlement in NCD.

She was arrested  and charged on April 30, 2015 for wilfully and unlawfully murdering another person (Wauwe).

The State presented the indictment or charge against her in court today, amending the charge to manslaughter, which she pleaded guilty to.

Warome was 27 at the time she stabbed Wauwe, a woman the State said was her cousin.

Wartoto guilty of misappropriation

He was taken to Bomana to be remanded soon after the decision was handed down. His bail was forfeited. 

Wartoto will return to court on April 21 where submissions will be made on his penalty sentence.

This case involved the misuse of funds allocated and paid to Sarakolok West Transport (SWT) for the renovation of facilities at the Kerevat National High school back in November of 2008.

Justice George Manuhu delivered his decision on verdict this afternoon after the trial was conducted in February last year.

Man guilty of sexually assaulting minor

The incident took place between Sept 1 and Sept 18, 2013 when the girl was 15 years of age.

 The State alleges the accused picked the girl up during that period from her primary school under the pretext of giving her money and took her to Red hills at Gerehu when he sexually penetrated her.

He abused a relationship of trust that the girl had for him as he was seen as “uncle JP” to her and their families were close, being from the same clan and village.