Waigani National Court

​25 years for former diplomat’s murderer

The Waigani National Court on Monday sentenced Southern Highlands man, Billy Sapsi Pokea of Suma village, to 25 years after he was found guilty on May 11.

His conviction came after a trial was conducted by Justice Nicholas Kirriwom at Waigani.

Pokea was responsible for the brutal murder of the late Dennis Taylor Bebego on July 5, 2014.

The court ordered for his transfer to Mendi where he will serve time. He has been in custody since his arrest.

Half done job at Kerevat National high: Report

The K7.9 million contract awarded to SWT was to rehabilitate boys and girls dormitories, ablution blocks, water supply and sewerage systems.

Justice George Manuhu, in his ruling, said those works were incomplete and substandard. He was making reference to a report by Elliot Kadir which was brought to the attention of the Waigani National Court during the trial against director and shareholder of SWT, Eremas Wartoto.

Lelang and Kimmins recommended for prosecution

Sarakolok West Transport (SWT) is owned by Eremas Wartoto and was given the contract for the renovation of facilities at the Kerevat National High school in November of 2008.

He was found guilty of misusing K6.4 million of that K7.9 million between January 29, 2009 and January 20, 2010.

Justice George Manuhu sentenced Wartoto to 10 years in prison with hard labor on Friday.

He said Wartoto’s downfall was a mixture of stupidity on his part, lack of due diligence and a lot of illegal help from the Department of National Planning & Monitoring.

Court awaits report for sentence

The sentence was deferred to allow time for officers from the Community Based Corrections Probation Service to interview Southern Highlands man, Billy Sapsi Pokea and produce a Pre-sentence Report.

This report is vital in assisting the court to decide its sentence against Pokea.

During submission on sentence last month, Pokea asked the court to impose a suspended sentence term on him due to his health condition.

Justice Nicholas Kiriwom in adjourning the sentence said this report will assist the court to come up with a just decision.

​Twivey thanks legal team

She made these statements after her case at the Waigani National Court got discharged on Monday.

A week-long trial against Twivey was to commence on Monday, however that did not eventuate after the office of the public prosecutor filed a document called a nolle prosequi, withdrawing the information and charge against her.

She was arrested and charged for perverting the course of justice on April 11, 2016.

​Potape’s election declared illegal

With just 17 days to go to before polling, the Waigani National Court today handed down its ruling on the ongoing tussle between Koroba-Lake Kopiago MP Philip Undialu and Komo-Margarima MP Francis Potape, over the governor’s post.

This is the third time the court has declared Potape’s election as Governor illegal.

The National Court on 14 June 2016 declared his elections on 29 December 2015 illegal.

​Manus man gets 8 more years for misappropriation

The 8-year sentence was added onto that 5 year sentence by the Waigani National Court on Monday.

David Kumalau Pondros was sentenced to an additional 8 years yesterday for misappropriating K5.3 million, funds that were meant for a Coconut Integration Facility project to be built in the Tol area of the Pomio District in East New Britain, between 2008 and 2010.

​Review of Bando's suspension set

The judicial review will take place on Thursday, 8 June, before Justice Leka Nablu.

The review was allowed to go ahead after the court was satisfied that he had serious issues to be heard and that his suspension should be stayed to make sure the operations of the Hela Provincial Government went ahead uninterrupted.

Lawyer for the Hela Provincial Executive Council and Governor Francis Potape have filed an application asking the court to dismiss the proceeding. That will also be heard on Thursday.

Bando's lawyer today also indicated he will be filing an application.

130 years in total for Maybank robbers

The Waigani National Court this morning sentenced two of the men to 25 years in prison while four were given 20 years in jail each.

Deputy Chief Justice Sir Gibbs Salika gave a concurrent sentence to the six; Casper Louis, Paul Steven, Gelison William, Hubert Korede, Stewart Korina and Samson Banaso.

They were convicted for conspiring to steal and stealing.

The charge for stealing they stood trial for is under the amended section 372(1)(A)(7) of the Criminal Code Act that was done on Sept 18, 2013. The Robbery was committed on Oct 4, 2013.

Youth gets 12 years for manslaughter

Justice Panuel Mogish issued the stern warning at the Waigani National Court when sentencing a 19-year-old to 12 years in prison.

“You can come to court and say sorry and offer to pay compensation, but that will not bring his life back. He’s gone, finished!” he said.

“This is a case where the offender should be imprisoned. He has robbed the life of another young man, and I do not think it would do justice to the deceased if I were to impose a generous sentence.