Waigani National Court

Duban files petition against Kramer

Amongst those was the petition filed against Madang MP, Bryan Kramer, by his predecessor Nixon Duban.

In this petition, Returning Officer for the Madang Open seat, Joe Sakipa, has been summoned to appear in court for the trial.

Other counting officials will also be summoned once the names are made available to the court by Duban’s lawyer.  

In the petition, Duban is alleging two grounds of bribery against Kramer and one ground of undue influence, errors and omission on the part of the Electoral Commission.

Cop sentenced for assault

 Stanley Poga was sentenced today after he was found guilty.

Poga from Mikin village in Chimbu’s Chuave district, was convicted by the Waigani National Court, for what he did to Chief Supt Mathew Damaru on the morning of April 30, 2015.  

On that day, he stormed into Damaru's office without an appointment, after he became upset with Damaru for opposing his application for a legal officer's position.

Poga then picked up a paper tray and hit Damaru on the forehead causing a deep cut.

He was arrested and charged on May 6, 2015. 

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Zeming's lawyer filed an application seeking judicial review of the declaration date. 


Sally Pokiton with more 

​Court to review date of declaration

Zeming’s lawyer filed an application seeking judicial review of the declaration date.

Justice Collin Makail allowed leave for a review to be conducted because he saw that the issue of the declaration date requires full consideration of the court in a trial.

It was out before the court that the writ that had the declared winner, Dr Kobby Bomareo, was dated 18 July, however the declaration was made one day later.

4-year sentence for 65yo

Kokopo man Wesley Kopman will spend four years at the Bomana jail but he can only spend two years there if he repays K63,700 to the man he obtained money from in the gold trading business.

Due to his age, the court ordered he spend that time in prison in light labour.

He was sentenced by the court after he pleaded guilty.

Between 21 June 2015 and 29 February 2016, Kopman, with the need for transport and accommodation in Port Moresby, obtained K63,700 from Kenneth Nia.

Three discharged of armed robbery allegations

This comes after their lawyer asked the court to stop the trial half way and discharge them in the ground the prosecution team did not produce enough evidence against them in the trial.

Anasi Apak of Lufa, Eastern Highlands, Robin Badui Jnr of Dagua, East Sepik, and Kimugo Komafe of Kainantu, Eastern Highlands Province all pleaded not guilty to armed robbery on August 16.

A trial commenced on the armed robbery that allegedly took place at 8am on 24 August 2015, at Lakatoi place, East Boroko.

Court: Prisoners have right to balanced meals

The court found that detainees at Bomana are being provided the same food, day in, day out, consisting only of protein and staples.

It is a requirement under the section 123 of the Correctional Service Act, for prisoners and detainees at the facilities, to be fed food from the five food groups of staples, protein, fruit, vegetable and dairy. 

However what is typically served at Bomana, as provided in evidence before the Waigani National Court, is a black tea and navy biscuit for breakfast, rice and either tinned fish or meat for lunch and dinner.

Man pleads guilty to school rape incident

The man, from the Eastern Highlands Province, appeared before Justice Panuel Mogish and pleaded guilty.

He was arrested and charged under section 347 (1) of the Criminal Code, for allegedly sexually penetrating another person without her consent near the Mt Diamond Secondary School grounds.

It is alleged he was part of the group of students who were involved in the unconsented sexual penetration of a fellow female student while under the influence of alcohol on June 16, 2015.

Court: Resume counting in Mt Hagen

The Waigani National Court on Tuesday afternoon ruled that counting must resume in Mt Hagen, and not Goroka, due to distance and the cost involved in moving ballot boxes as well as scrutineers of candidates from Mendi.

The court also ordered that all counting officials from Mendi must be used in the counting in Mt Hagen, as they already started the electoral process.  

Justice Collin Makail ordered that the newly appointed Returning Officer, Steven Gore Kaupa, who was appointed on August 9, resume counting today and proceed to a declaration soon.

Youth gets life sentence

This was the warning Justice Panuel Mogish gave in the Waigani National Court when sentencing a youth to life in prison today.

He said it is sickening to come to court and apologise to families of the deceased in the hope of getting a lesser sentence after being found guilty by the court.

Gibson Maraen was found guilty on May 31 over the wilful murder of Wari Kuni, at Nine-Mile in 2015.

Justice Mogish found Maraen guilty for brutally chopping Kuni on his face and head on 10 December 2015, which resulted in his death.