Waigani National Court

Trial against Potape commences

The trial was later adjourned to 1.30 this afternoon to allow time for the state to fix the charge against Potape, after one was struck out or removed from the allegations.

The charge or indictment was supposed to be read and explained to Potape, which is the normal process at the beginning of a trial before witnesses are called in. However, this did not take place.

UPNG SRC trial moved to Friday

The matter was called twice at 3.30pm and later at 4pm, however, the lawyer for the plaintiff was not present in court.

Justice David Cannings adjourned the trial to this Friday at 9.30am. He said the matter was put forward as an urgent application last Wednesday with expedited directions for a trial to be conducted today.

Lawyers for the state, UPNG registrar Jennifer Popat and the university administration were present in court today.

Court rules in favour of Mangos

The National Court’s ruling this morning went in favour of Mangos to preserve the status quo until the substantive issues in the proceedings are fully heard and determined by the court.  

The substantive issue which will be dealt with by the court on a later date is whether the PPL Board had the power to terminate Mangos’ employment.

Acting Judge Danajo Koeget in his ruling said whether PPL had the power to terminate Mangos’ employment is a serious issue to be tried in the proceeding.

Mangos’ sacking temporarily halted

This was the order of  acting Judge Danjo Koeget this morning when he granted interim orders to Mangos to maintain the status-quo while the court awaits counsel representing PNG Power Ltd and the PPL Board members to attain their 2016 legal practicing certificates. 

The court also granted the interim order for Mangos’ entitlements to be paid until the matter returns next week Thursday (Jan 14).

The interim orders sought by Mangos were granted today after the issue of counsels’ 2016 legal practicing certificates was brought up.

Court to review bench warrants

Justice Panuel Mogish who presides over the Criminal Division will be holding a callover to identify and confirm the overdue bench warrants that were issued by the Waigani National Court since 1989.

He will also be holding a call over to identify and confirm outstanding bench warrants that were issued at the National Court in Kwikila, Central Province since 1999.  

Height of Manus waves cited in MP challenge

Knight was found guilty to misappropriation charges on March 20, 2015 by the tribunal on four of the five allegations brought against him.

He was recommended on May 01, 2015 for dismissal from office by tribunal members led by chairman Judge Salatiel Lenalia and senior magistrates Ignatius Kurei and Rosie Johnston.

Court grants Kavo bail

Kavo was refused bail since his arrest by police on Wednesday and made his first appearance in court in relation to the second charge on Friday.

He was granted K5, 000 bail by Magistrate Cosmos Bidar.

The second charge against Kavo alleges that he dishonestly applied to his use K783, 195.70 -monies belonging to the state between January 15 and 27, 2015.

His second alleged offense comes after he was granted bail by the Supreme Court on December 23, 2015 on a pervious misappropriation charge.

Convicted students lawyer ask for lenience sentencing

Tande Joseph and Peter Martin were found guilty to one count of manslaughter by Justice George Manuhu on April 15.

They were found guilty for the death of Obediah Igish, a third year Anthropology student who was involved in a drunken brawl with the accused at the University bus stop in 2012

They appeared in court today (June 17) where their lawyer asked for a sentence of seven years to be given.

They also asked that the court uses its digression to reduce the sentence or give them a non-custodial sentence.

Vaki guilty of contempt

Chief Justice Sir Salamo Injia in a 27 page ruling convicted Vaki for wilfully refusing to execute a warrant of arrest against the Prime Minister Peter O'Neill last year.

He was found guilty today (Wednesday) for refusing to arrest O’Neill during a certain period that was not covered by an interim stay order issued by the National Court.

Sir Salamo said Vaki took a number of steps to delay the arrest including making public statements that he would not arrest the Prime Minister anytime soon until he was satisfied that the case against the Prime Minister was watertight.