Waigani National Court

Man in court for ripping uncle’s testicles

Thomas Warepa was committed by the Waigani District Court today by Magistrate Cosmas Bidar to answer to the charge of causing grievous bodily harm to Kelo Kewaki, his own uncle at Erima.

The ruling was done after he told the court that he had difficulty engaging a lawyer to defend him or write a statement in court to respond to the police investigation files.

However, the court relied on police investigation files, the complainant’s statements including photographic evidence of the injuries to make its ruling.

Woman freed from 30-year, hard labour sentence

The decision today came as a huge relief for the 42-year-old naturalised Australian citizen from Central Province, who could not control her emotions inside the courtroom.

Taita Prichard was convicted and sentenced by the Waigani National Court over the wilful murder of her former partner in July 23, 2011, at Napanapa outside Port Moresby.

She was found guilty on Nov 11, 2015, for planning and using her cousin, 35-year-old James Paru, to wilfully murder British man John Hulse in 2011.

CAA to show proof of land acquisition of Jacksons Airport

A State claim case in the civil court recently came before Justice Hitelai Polume Kiele where parties were directed to file relevant court documents before the matter returns to court on Nov 1.

Eliap Tokan, represents the Traditional land owners, the Duruba clan of Koitabu. They filed for state claim against CAA in the matter.

Traditional landowners, the Duruba clan claim that Civil Aviation Authority owns only 27 hectares of the airdrome land which covers a total of 600 hectares.

Undialu withdraws Supreme Court appeal

Undialu filed the Supreme Court appeal challenging the order of the lower court that told parties to go back to the Provincial Assembly meet and vote a new governor.

His lawyer, Goiye Gileng, informed the Waigani National Court today that they will proceed with the National Court case instead of the appeal in the Supreme Court.

With the Supreme Court appeal withdrawn and out of the way, his lawyers will now concentrate on the National Court proceeding.

Men to stand trial for assaulting minors

Both were arrested and charged under section 229 of the Criminal code sexual offences and crimes against Children's act.

One of the accused from Hagen Central in Western highlands allegedly sexually assaulted a boy in Port Moresby in May 1 at the Vadavada settlement.

The man who is a bus driver (identity withheld) appeared in court yesterday where Magistrate Cosmas Bidar gave a ruling on whether there is sufficient evidence against him.

TFS disbanding review set for hearing

Parties involved in the proceeding appeared before Justice Collin Makail today for a status conference where the date was set.

The trial is expected to be done by way of affidavit on Thursday, Oct 20 at 1:30 and parties are expected to file and serve submissions by Oct 17.

A motion by the former Police Commissioner’s lawyer, Nicholas Tame that was filed on March 9 seeking to restrain Koim’s lawyer’s engagement was struck out by Justice Makail for want of prosecution.

UPNG student leaders attending classes

The students were allowed to attend classes on Thursday, Sept 29. However, they were not allowed accommodation on campus.

The Waigani National Court on Sept 23 allowed the student leaders’ appeal to be heard, and stayed their permanent exclusion.

The stay applied to Livai Kuaken, Arthur Amos, Jamie Sali, Hercules Jim, Alois Kaluwe, Chris Kipalan and Steward Thoke.

UPNG’s administration was also restrained by the court from implementing its decision on Aug 29, which is the permanent exclusion of the students.

Access to facilities a need for persons with disabilities

Tole Wia and Benson Tegia say access to some of the government services, like the courthouse, should be improved to cater for them as well.

They recently went to the Waigani National Court building to attend a case hearing and were unimpressed with its accessibility.

They are now calling on the building contractors of the new court complex to consider PLWDs.

Loop PNG witnessed the two being carried up the stairs into one of the outer court rooms.

WHP man fined for illegal use of department’s vehicle

Thomas Jimm Norrie was sentenced to two years in prison today however, the court fully suspended that sentence period, ordering him to pay K10,000 within six months.

He was convicted for stealing a Toyota Land Cruiser in 2011 while he was employed with the Department of Commerce and Industry.

Norrie used the Department’s money and purchased the vehicle, shipping it to Mt Hagen where he used it for a hire-car business.

The court was told Norrie used the vehicle from May 2011 through to the election period for election purposes at K300 per day.

Pre-sentence reports given to Wobiro’s lawyers

The three and their lawyers returned to the Waigani National Court today for submissions on their sentencing to be done however, that was further adjourned to next Monday, Sept 26.

It was further adjourned to give time to their lawyers to make submissions on the appropriate sentence based on the probation office’s pre-sentence reports.

They remain on an extended bail of K10,000 till Monday when they return before Justice Martin Ipang.