Highly-anticipated Parliament sitting

Within the last eight weeks, PNG became fascinated with two political camps – the Laguna and the Crown camp.

The suburb of Waigani was on lockdown today while the disciplinary forces were out to ensure normalcy continued.

Traffic on the road was somewhat casual but it was business as usual, apart from a few schools that did not allow classes.

Waigani shops go up in flames

The fire started around 7pm however, the cause is yet to be established.

Police presence was high in the area, to prevent opportunists from looting the City Pharmacy, Boroko Motors showrooms and other business houses.

Fire Service was on the scene to prevent the fire from spreading to nearby properties.

Chief of Fire, Bill Roo, says an investigation team has started looking into the incident to determine whether this was accidental or a deliberate ploy to claim insurance.

(Picture: Nelson Kopunye)

Buildings razed in POM

The fire, which began around 1:30pm yesterday, spread quickly as a strong breeze aided it in its destruction.

Two families living behind the main warehouse of the old stationery shop were caught off guard as the fire quickly spread, forcing them to take out all valuables.

The Waigani PNG Fire Service attended but it was a futile attempt as the fire destroyed the front shop and warehouse  and quickly spread to the last building.

Denser than usual Waigani traffic

Cars are currently lined up from the Institute of Public Administration roundabout to the University of Papua New Guinea, towards Gerehu.

Due to the 62nd UPNG graduation, traffic around the main campus area is moving at a snail’s pace.

Loop PNG was on site to witness impatient motorists loudly honk at pedestrians and street sellers that are crowding – and have spilled over – the narrow footpath at the UPNG bus stop.

2016 difficult year for Milne Bay: Governor

Concluding the provincial budget debate on Friday, Milne Bay Governor Titus Philemon said 2016 had been a difficult and challenging year for the government, administration and the people of Milne Bay.

“This is bad news for us as leaders, for our people and for our province,” he said.

“The recession has caused a serious cash flow problem for the National Government. This has resulted in long delays in disbursement and remittances of our much-needed development grants and other funds from Waigani.

Water disruptions to Tokarara, Waigani

Eda Ranu in a media statement this afternoon advised all residents about this water disruptions.

This is due to commissioning of the new 200mm water main of 1.3 km from Waigani Traffic lights to NHC; Koura Way, Tokarara.

According to Eda Rany, this new line will be commissioned on Wednesday 30th November to avoid any further delays on the new Koura Way Road project.

The commissioning will be taking place between 8am-5pm.

Eda Ranu requests for your cooperation and support and apologizes for any inconvenience caused.


Police foil hijack attempt in front of bank

The incident occurred between 6-7pm whilst he was walking back to his car from the ATM.

According to police, a small group of armed men –  about 8 to 10 of them – were standing around outside and waiting for the man to return to his vehicle.

They then walked up to him and threatened to shoot him if he didn’t open his vehicle.

After realising that they wanted his car, the man threw his car keys into the BSP premises, causing them to fire several shots into his vehicle.