Wabag MP

Dr Tom Visits Rural Maramuni

The MP had initiated this project and made this visit as part of his campaign activity for the Wabag Open seat. 

They came running down from mountain tops, gardens and huts to greet him. The Kayamatok people of Maramuni were happy their local MP was visiting, as part of his campaign walk to nominate for another contest of the Wabag Open Seat.

Wabag MP focuses on SME, education

Dr Tom said his policies are simple and focus is on key development aspects.

Promoting SMEs, mainly in agriculture, is to cater for the number of constituents who are not able to continue formal education.

He revealed that the District Development Authority has made a policy focused on this aspect and that budgetary allocation will be made.

“Those people who can’t make it to schools and institutions, they should engage themselves in SME, especially agriculture, because I see agriculture as the fairest SME that is available to us today,” Dr Tom stated.

Wabag MP presents acquittals

Dr Lino Tom said this yesterday when presenting acquittals for Wabag District for 2015, 2016 and the first half of 2017.

The acquittals were presented to the Department of Implementation and Rural Development (DIRD).

Dr Tom said the failure to provide acquittals by his predecessor needed to be rectified and spent time with his administration sorting out the books.

He said he wants to see a high level of openness as part of service delivery.