Vision City

​Former ‘buai’ seller recounts tale

Sometimes, selling buai seems like their only option; until they see that there are other options.

Here is the story of 45-year-old Jopi Tiki from Penari village in Tari, Southern Highlands Province.

A subsistence farmer most of his life, he decided to try something new. This decision brought him to Port Moresby in 2009 where he commenced work as a security guard for a renowned private security firm. This job lasted for about 2 years before resigning for personal reasons.

Vision City expo to test market

Vision City Marketing Manager, Maureen Esta said this during the launching of the expo on Wednesday in Port Moresby.

She told Loop PNG that while the expo provides exposure for the companies, it will also give them an indication of the current market for specific products and services.

Shopping mall maintains high security alert

There is a possibility that one of those people, may be someone on the run or wanted by law.

There's also a slight chance of a missing person or vehicle entering the vicinity.

Vision City Management has raised its hand to help the police with such cases.

The parties have initiated a move to fully utilize the mega mall's upgraded security system in place to identify people or specific information needed by the police.

Everyone is crying out for Gelato!

Everyone in Port Moresby have been screaming Gelato since the Italian Gelato opened on May 2, Tuesday.

Gelato is pretty much ice cream but is different from ice cream.


Gelato is the Italian word for Ice cream. That’s what makes it ice cream.

But what makes it different from ice cream is what’s used to make it and how it’s made, says owner Elisa Cragnolini.

Now is the perfect time to shop

Not to spoil the fun but many shops have Mother’s Day specials going on.

This means you get the opportunity to buy for yourself many products at special price discount or special gift hampers at low price.

But importantly, don’t forget your mother.

Many children and fathers are out hunting today to treat the special lady of the house.

Some are celebrating today, others are tomorrow.

But the occasion has had stores full since early this morning.

Loop PNG lifestyle visited Vision City this morning to a packed crowd.

Band drops yet-to-be-released songs

And lead singer George Sheppard says this is in fact the first time they have dropped all songs on the album, which is yet to be released.

It was a 16-song performance, including old hits like Let Me Down Easy and Bombs Away from the first album.

And before heading on to their next international tour, Sheppard shared this excitement with Papua New Guinea.

“It has always been our dream to come back and perform here so it was amazing. Thank you for having us. It was an awesome night,” George said after the performance.

The Korean experience comes to POM

These dishes are authentic, firstly.

Seafood featured dishes, rice and noodles – the Korean style, Korean barbecue with beef and other meat, the popular fermented cabbage – Kimchi; to name a few.

And, can be very expensive, depending on where they are served.

In Port Moresby, there is one restaurant providing this experience at the most affordable price possible.

The Korean Garden in Vision City opened last year.

It has quickly become a favourite spot, attracting expatriates and a good number of locals.

Big Rooster has vision for expansion

Did you know that there’s a Big Rooster outlet at the Steamships Plaza in Downtown Port Moresby?

These two outlets follow the acquisition of another fastfood chain, Chicken Delight.

And guess what? There’s more to come, according to a spokesperson from Big Rooster.

Anurag Borkar said Big Rooster aims to be the kitchen of the country and is currently on an expansion spree.

It's Big Rooster time at VC


It was a long-time coming but the megamall finally can now boast a big rooster outlet.

The popular white bird with the big "R" on its chest stands smiling in place where Chicken Delight once stood.

The outlet opened its doors to the public on Sunday after serving its first meal to special guests from the Chesire Home, as tradition.

“We always wanted to come here to Vision City so we are excited to be here. It’s been pretty hectic but good to see the response. It validates our decision to come here,” a spokesperson, Anurag Borkar told Loop PNG.

VC manual checks will continue: Security

It’s no different, or even worse, for those trying to do Christmas shopping at bigger shops like the Vision City megamall.

Customers have complained on the congested traffic flow into the mall as a direct result of these checks, manually scanning three people at a time.

Some have called on the management for alternative options to ease the flow of traffic, especially during this peak period.

But the mall’s security will not ease off for the wellbeing of their customers, according to the security manager, Sevanaia Koroi.