Vincent Alois Hamiya

Maprik petition dismissed

The trial hearing that was to take place in Wewak will not eventuate now after the court today found the petition incompetent, stopping it simply because Yangwari failed to comply with Form 1 of the 2017 specific Election Petition rules.

Yangwari also failed to state material facts in the petition to support the numerous allegations of bribery and illegal practice stated in the petition.

Last week Simon, through his lawyer Tony Waisi, asked the court to dismiss the petition and stop it from proceeding to trial because specifics were not stated in the petition.

Maprik petition challenged

Justice Derek Hartshorn heard submissions from lawyers representing John Simon and the Electoral Commission and reserved his ruling for a later date.

Petitioner and lawyer, Vincent Alois Hamiya, who finished fourth in the election race, is alleging numerous instances of bribery and illegal practice by successful candidate Simon.

He filed the petition on 30 August last year. Simon was declared on 22 July.

The court was addressed on two motions challenging that petition today.