Police need working vehicles!

This ongoing issue is one major setback faced in the Police hierarchy, says NCD metropolitan superintendent, Commander Ben Turi.

Turi said many of the vehicles have been used for years without servicing, while some police stations experience a shortage of vehicles.

“A police vehicle is one of the most important aspects in policing; it is an obvious asset that will enable police personnel to move around freely,” says the commander. 

At times, complaints go unattended or criminals easily escape because of the absence or the condition of vehicles.

G4S robbery: Vehicles to be returned

The vehicles were kept as evidence by the Waigani National court following the trial.

The state made an application to have the vehicles returned to its owners yesterday before Deputy Chief Justice Sir Gibbs Salika.

Sir Gibbs ordered for two of the three vehicles to be returned.

The armored vehicle that was used in the robbery will be released to the security firm, G4S, while a blue 10 seater Land Cruiser will also be returned to its owner.