Namah apologises for events of 2011 political impasse

He said although he had already apologized on several occasions, it is only fitting to do it again as the body of the late Grand Chief Sir lies in state, in the Parliament chamber for the last time.
Namah also apologised to former Chief Justice Sir Salamo Injia for storming the court house.
He clarified that his move during those times were politically motivated and not personal.

3,005 graduate in financial literacy

Implemented by the Bank of PNG, 3,005 locals from across the four LLGs and wards of the district underwent a savings and budgeting module which will enable them to make wiser choices with their finances.

A graduation ceremony was held in Vanimo Town and was attended by Bank of PNG representatives, the Centre for Excellence in Financial Inclusion (CEFI), stakeholders from the finance and banking sector and the provincial government.

Project director of the MEP, George Awap, congratulated the Vanimo locals on their achievement.

Namah sees more patriotism

Namah said he believes this maturity is a result of the people in the country having a bigger understanding of the issues affecting them.

The receptions he witnessed in different parts of the country for The Alliance members were overwhelming.

“Our people are becoming more patriotic in their stand as to the issues affecting our country.

“I just want to take this time to thank the people of this country for standing behind us, for the encouragement you have been giving team Alliance,” he said.

Walsa LLG in Vanimo-Green completes polling


Vanimo Green River Returning officer, Anthony Makes said the the ballot boxes for Walsa LLG were locked up at Vanimo Police Station on Friday.

Walsa LLG have 8 polling teams.

Makes adds that polling is progressing well for the other LLGs of the district's despite issues with transportation, security and missing voter names on the ward rolls.

He said polling should wrap up in the other LLGs of Amanab, Bewani/Wutung/Onei, Green River and Vanimo Urban by Tuesday, followed by extradition of all ballot boxes to Vanimo.