Vali Asi

Court refuses restraining orders sought by Asi

His lawyer went before the court on July 12, asking the court to stay his suspension, reinstate him to his position and restrain the NEC from taking any further disciplinary actions against him, including the revocation of his appointment.

Justice Leka Nablu today refused the orders, saying the interim reliefs he is seeking from the court are those he would seek in the final determination of the review.

She refused the application for stay and interim orders in the overall interest of justice.

Asi was suspended on February 9 and vacated office on February 16.

Asi seeks restraining orders against NEC

His lawyer this morning moved an application before Justice Leka Nablu, asking the court to stay his suspension pending the determination of his judicial review.

He also asked if the court restrain the NEC, Minister Puka Temu, the Department of Personnel Management and the state from taking any further disciplinary actions against him.

His lawyer told the court that suspension was the first step in any disciplinary process and they are seeking these injunctive orders to prevent any further prejudice to his client.

Court to review Defence Secretary’s suspension

This comes after Leave for judicial review was allowed by the court on Thursday by Justice Leka Nablu.

Justice Nablu in allowing Asi’s suspension to undergo review of the court was of the view that he had an arguable case.

She said the review of such cases involving public servants suspended should be expedited because public servants are being suspended for long periods on pay while waiting for investigations to be completed.

Justice Nablu issued orders for Secretary Asi’s lawyers to file the review books within 14 days before a hearing can take place next month.