Usino Bundi District

Madang Holds Final PEC Meeting

Based at Brahman Secondary School, Madang Governor, Peter Yama alongside the provincial executive’s council (PEC) members and the Madang provincial administration visited various areas in the district at Bundi station, Snowpass, Yandra and Gusap.

Since taking office as Madang Governor in 2017, Sir Peter introduced the Going Rural Policy because 90 percent of the people of Madang live in rural areas and struggled on a daily basis to access basic services.

Thus, the Going Rural policy stood to support other government programs to reach out to the people in the rural areas.

Uguro aims to transform Usino

Local MP and Minister for Education Jimmy Uguro, is making his vision of service delivery become reality for his people.

He said, “We are now rolling out district rural electrification program, roofing iron distributed to people in the district, upgrade and maintenance of various hospitals and other projects that will transform the lives of my people.”

Uguro also mentioned that the district will be receiving the Prime Minister and his delegation this December, to officially open the state-of-the-art stadium.

Jail time for Usino Bundi leaders quashed

In two separate Supreme Court appeals that were filed by Yagama and Yama against their conviction and sentence, two different Supreme Court bench upheld their appeal, quashing the sentence on Tuesday.

On 31 January 2014, Justice David Cannings of the Madang National Court sentenced Yagama to nine months in prison while Yama was given six months for contempt of court after they failed to control their supporters who incited violence in the precinct of the Madang National court on 3 September 2013.