UPNG School of Medical Health Sciences Taurama Campus

Medical school not given prominence: Staff

The 30 academics stopped work yesterday and have given the Government one week to respond to their grievances.

The protest is due to the delay in backdated awards; the awards payment of over K5.6 million dates back to January 1, 2014.

Lecturer Dr Pauline Wake, on behalf of the academic staff, said they feel that the medical school is not a priority for the Government.

Wake explained that they have taken this action to get the Government’s attention as well as to show that they play a significant role in the development of this country.

Talks on Medical and Health Sciences University underway

PNG National Doctors Association (NDA) have petitioned the Government to convert the University of PNG’s School of Medical Health Science (SMHS) Taurama Campus into a stand-alone university.

PNG NDA president Dr James Naipao said this will come to fulfillment and they’re proud of this achievement.

Naipao had informed Prime Minister Peter O’Neill and the Government for the need to rejuvenate the SMHS with its own funding and make it into a stand-alone medical university.