UPNG Protest

Get foreign experts to chair students’ CoI, says Polye

Opposition Leader Don Poyle welcomed the Prime Minister’s decision but the CoI should be balanced and fair.

“I do not trust the police commissioner; I want highly placed people from Australia, New Zealand or England who have the same jurisdiction like ours (PNG) to chair the CoI.

“The terms of reference must be strictly confined to the shooting and unlawful wounding of students yesterday, police operational orders, rules of engagement and use of lethal force of unarmed civilians,” Poyle said.

Lae Police defuse student situation at Unitech

They were to be on standby in case of repercussions from the incident in Port Moresby.

Specific instructions were given that if any students were to come out of the campus, they were to be talked to and asked to go back in. Police were directed to exercise restraint at all levels.

However, there were reports that some people, either students or outsiders, had tried to gather in the university and move to the gate.

Commander Toropo: Defence Force not providing security on students protest

Toropo said it is the job of the Royal PNG Constabulary and his men are not involved. 

He also confirmed that the helicopter circling the University, Rainbow and Gerehu areas yesterday was not commanded by the PNGDF.

Caption: File picture.

Gordon’s bus stop empty

This morning, the busy Gordon’s bus stop was empty, leaving commuters stranded. 

Gordon’s is the biggest bus stop and is the central location in the city, where buses pick up passengers to reach other suburbs in and outside the city limits.

Also, commuters in other suburbs are also stranded and many were seen walking to work and school.

PMV owners halted their services yesterday because of the situation on the ground in Port Moresby, after police stopped the University of Papua New Guinea students from marching Parliament. 

More than 250 women mourn for UPNG students

The women were in an adult literacy class in a church at the back of the University of Papua New Guinea, opposite Fort Banner, when they heard shots being fired.

“We looked out and saw what looked like a live movie, unfolding in front of our eyes,” a spokeswoman told Loop PNG. “Students were running into bushes, trying to hide from police. It was like rebels trying to hide from Government officers. We are not a Communist country.”

UPNG gives O’Neill 24-hour ultimatum

NCD Governor Powes Parkop received the petition from UPNG SRC president Kenneth Rapa today at 2.45pm.

“We petition the Prime Minister to respect the Office of the Prime Minister and step down,” Rapa said in front of more than 5,600 UPNG students, more than 150 Port Moresby Technical College male students and hundreds of concerned citizens.

“We are not motivated by any political party, government, opposition or any individual. We are moved by our patriotic, nationalistic spirit to see a better nation tomorrow. That’s all.”

Police say UPNG will be allowed to protest within reason

NCD Central police commander Sylvester Kalaut said this regarding issues raised with the UPNG students who have come out clarifying that they are not planning on protesting rather, they will push for a referendum.

From this, they will hold a vote to see what will be the next course of action for the boycotting students on the ground.

The police will entertain the students only if they exhaust all legal processes as per the peace and good order act.

We want next generation to be secure, says UPNG SRC president

Kenneth Rapa said this today during what was supposed to be the handover of their petition to Prime Minister Peter O’Neill.

The petition asks O’Neill to step aside and be investigated. Unfortunately, the PM sent Minister of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology Malakai Tabar to get the document, to which the students refused to give to him.

“The office of the prime minister or police commissioner, or any office on that matter, is eternal,” Rapa said in front of more than 5000 students at the UPNG Forum Square.

Police to monitor UPNG

Police have been tasked to keep an eye on the students’ engagements as well as monitor for opportunists who would want to take advantage of tensions that may arise on the ground.

NCD metropolitan police Commander Ben Turi tells Loop PNG that while presently the situation is calm and quiet, his commanders have all been notified and will be taking the UPNG area into consideration in their operational runs.