University of Papua New Guinea students 2016

UPNG student leaders fight for boarding rights

One of the student leaders told Loop PNG: “The only problem with some of us fly-in students is that the admin is removing our boarding privileges and it has affected us big time”.

The student leaders were terminated by the UPNG administration due to their alleged involvement in the May to July student unrest. They took the matter to Court and were allowed to resume classes last month.

Decrease in OOH operations due to university unrest: Doctor

OOH launched its annual program this year to carry out surgery operations four times in one year.

The annual operation in the past carries out surgery on over 50 patients every year.

OOH cardiothoracic and anaesthesiologist Dr Arvin Karu confirmed that this has not eventuated this year, with only the first operation that took place in February.

This operation was carried out with the help of the Australian team where 10 children successfully underwent it.

Court: Personally serve UPNG SRC lawyer the contempt motion

This should happen before the court can hear its motion.

The university filed a motion on July 11 seeking contempt charges against Laken Lepatu Aigilo, the lawyer representing Kenneth Rapa as SRC president and his other SRC members.

The matter came before Justice Hitelai Polume-Kiele today, who adjourned the hearing to Sept 13, after Aigilo told the court he was not personally served the motion.

The court said contempt charges sought must be served personally on the alleged contemnor before it can be heard.

UPNG seeks contempt charge against SRC lawyer

The notice of motion filed by UPNG seeks to have Aigilo charged for contempt, alleging he breached National Court orders that were issued on June 8, the same day the shooting took place on campus.

That motion is expected to be heard in court on Thursday, Aug 18.

On June 8, the UPNG administration obtained restraining orders from the Waigani National Court against members of the Student Representative Council from boycotting classes.

Jiwaka students say thank you before leaving city

UPNG Jiwaka Students Union (JSU) leader and president of the Highlands Region, Hercules Palme Jim, said the Anglimp-South Waghi and North Waghi students were the last to leave Port Moresby yesterday.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank and appreciate those involved in retrieving our students.

“They have been struggling to survive in one of the most expensive cities in the world, Port Moresby, when our endless calls to our Members of Parliament failed.

UPNG students plan to be productive during long break

An executive of the association, Aditha Boroman, told Loop PNG in a recent interview that student leaders have decided to roll out their programs in Madang Province in two weeks’ time.

“Our plans for the remaining months (before we go back to school) are to do productive things to serve the community,” Boroman stated.

“We will also do fundraisings because we are sure that all of us will return to the university without a TESAS scholarship.

“We want to keep every student occupied.”