Danish university offers Beyonce course

According to television station TV2, around 75 students have signed up.

There's reportedly so much interest in the University of Copenhagen course - called Beyonce, Gender and Race - that it's had to move to a bigger lecture theatre.

Professor Erik Steinskog told the Danish broadcaster that he'd be presenting the singer's lyrics, videos and performances to students.

DWU Madang students association to host cultural show

Chairman of the Madang Students Association, Richard Paraka, when highlighting the event to the media, said planning for the mini-show is in progress and the organising committee and students are already having high hopes that it would be a thrill come Saturday. 

Paraka said the Madang students’ initiative was hugely boosted last weekend with a surprise assistance  of K10,000 from the Member for Madang and Minister for Petroleum and Energy, Nixon Duban.

“We are so grateful to Minister Nixon Duban for such an assistance which is very timely,” he said.