United Church

Tauruba Hosts Church Meet

The United Church East Central Papua Region is hosting the Women’s Annual Board meeting with about 60 women leaders from 21 curcuits.

According to Balawaia circuit chairman, Vela Avei this is the third women’s board meeting being held.

Balawaia circuit covers four villages including Tauruba, Gamoga, Kemabolo and Bona Namo. 

The participating circuits are Hula, Saroa, Sinavai, Keapara, Maopa, K.K, Kapari, Ikega-wiga, Boru, Boku, Dorobisoro, Sua'u, Synod(Assembly,HQ) , Maisi, Mailu, Malina, Merani, Fife bay, Beagle bay, Gavuone and Balawaia.

Churches called to support affected areas

Bishop Tege says people are seeking spiritual guidance at this time of pain and uncertainty and urged for all churches, regardless of denomination, to stand together and reach out to the people.

The United Church in PNG is establishing church-led response centres in Tari, Hela Province, and Mendi, Southern Highlands Province, to coordinate initial needs assessments.

The assistance of the six other member churches under the Church Partnership Program will collaboratively share church actions and to plan for response and recovery efforts.

Province controlled by ‘he who has a gun'

Many have died, many more are fleeing their homes, and only a few are making the bold stand to expose the actual situation on ground.

Over the weekend, Rev Wai Tege, Bishop of United Church in Hela, sat with Loop PNG to expose the grim situation.

He said very soon, Hela will be a province controlled by “he who has a gun”.

“Hela has roughly 300 thousand people. About 50 – 60 percent of that is male, and each of them own a gun. I’m not talking about home-made guns, these are high powered guns,” he said.

United Church celebrates 50 years in PNG

Today, representatives from all over the country gathered at the Sir John Guise Stadium in Port Moresby to commemorate the day the Methodist Church and London missionaries united to form the United Church in 1968.

With the theme “Past, Present and Future, In God We Trust”, the Sir John Guise stadium Indoor Complex was packed to its full capacity, with some church goers having no choice but to sit outside.

The combined United Church service also saw representatives from the Australian Methodist Church and the British Methodist Church.

Bougainville host church events

The United Church celebrated its centenary in Siwai and people from all over Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands participated.

The Revival centers held a pilgrimage in Arawa town with representations from all over PNG in attendance.

Today the catholic will have there’s, when the statue of our lady of Fatima arrives.

The events of the Revival and United churches of PNG lasted for two weeks in which a lot of participants were first timers here on Bougainville.

ABG gives K350 000 to Siwai United Church

The money given was in conjunction with the 100 years Centenary Celebrations of the United Church in the Siwai District in South Bougainville.
ABG President, Dr John Momis commended the United Church for reaching this milestone in the history of the denomination.
“I remember some of the early United Church missionaries who were in South Bougainville, I pay tribute to these servants of God who came with the purpose of spreading God’s word.