Unitech vice chancellor

Schram to serve application on state

His lawyer Greg Manda appeared before the Waigani National Court today where he was told to serve the application on the Public Prosecutors office.

The application was served on police informant this morning at 9:46 when it should have been served on the state.

The court also had its concerns on this case, urging police to treat the facts of the case with urgency.

In any criminal case, Justice Panuel Mogish said the onus is on the state to prove allegations beyond reasonable doubt and not for the accused to fight for innocence.

Unitech doesn’t charge graduation fees: Schram

Unitech vice chancellor, Dr Albert Schram, told Loop PNG that their graduation fee is included in the school fee.

His comments follow the outcry over the University of Papua New Guinea’s new K600 graduation fee.

“We do increase our tuition and fees 10 percent each year to correct for inflation and imbalances in our fee structure,” he continues.

However, the VC pointed out that UPNG has a different fee structure.

“There is no free lunch so they need to charge for costs,” Dr Schram tells Loop.