Unified Football Competition

Unified Football Competition starts

The ‘divisioning round’ for the Unified Football Competition, under Special Olympics PNG, was hosted at the Sir John Ignatius Kilage stadium.

As per its name, the unified competition involves children with intellectual disabilities, physical disabilities and able-bodied children.

President of Special Olympics PNG, Takale Tuna, says they are using sports as a tool to integrate those with intellectual disabilities into society.

“That’s basically what this event is all about. It has been going on for about three years.”

Top four teams confirmed

Pool A:

1) Vabukori, 2) Sogeri, 3) Gabagaba, 4) Wardstrip Primary

Pool B:

1) Hanuabada, 2) Sacred Heart Primary, 3) Callan Gerehu, 4) Vabukori

Unified Football Program Coordinator, Willie Vaira, said the finals will be played next weekend on Saturday the 28th at the Sir John Guise Stadium.

The finals draw for Pool A:

Game 1: Vabukori vs Wardstrip

Games 2: Sogeri vs Gabagaba

In Pool B:

Game 1: Hanuabada vs Vabukori

Game 2: Sacred Heart vs Callan