UN secretary-general

Free press essential for peace, justice

On the occasion of the World Press Freedom Day, which is today, Guterres says a free press is crucial to building transparent and democratic societies and keeping those in power accountable.

“It is vital for sustainable development,” he says.

“Journalists and media workers shine a light on local and global challenges and tell the stories that need to be told.

“Their service to the public is invaluable.

“Laws that protect independent journalism, freedom of expression and the right to information need to be adopted, implemented and enforced.”

Bishop confirms Rudd seeking nomination for UN secretary-general

It brings to an end months of speculation over Mr Rudd's bid for the role, currently held by Ban Ki-Moon.

Mr Ban's successor will take office on January 1, 2017.

Ms Bishop said it would be a matter for the Cabinet.

"Kevin Rudd has requested that the Australian Government nominate him and, as the Prime Minister has indicated on a number of occasions, that'll be a matter for Cabinet," she told Sky News.