UN Observers

More than 100 observers to witness 2017 Election

International observers will arrive and depart at different times from May through to July. The sponsors of international observer teams - such as The Commonwealth, Australian National University and various diplomatic missions in Port Moresby- will be arranging their on logistics to cover the event.

A media statement issued by the United Nations Development programme (UNDP) on Sunday says more than 12 groups will be taking part in the 2017 National Elections Observer Mission.

Juffa raises concern on 2017 Elections

Juffa stated that already individuals and parties were busy doing early campaigning with no action taken by the Electoral Commission and Police and that was due to  lack of funds.

He said recent indications of lack of funding for the Electoral Commission was dire and threatened true democracy and was a huge risk for vote rigging.

Juffa has indicated that he will ask the Opposition to demand that the UN and other international observers be present to monitor and supervise the 2017 elections.