Trump: Elizabeth Warren is 'very racist'

"Goofy Elizabeth Warren, sometimes referred to as Pocahontas, pretended to be a Native American in order to advance her career. Very racist!" Trump tweeted.

Trump has repeatedly referred to Warren as "Pocahontas," referring to the senator's past claims about her Native American heritage.

Twitter abandons the "buy" button and now you can eat your six-pack

1 – Twitter has stopped caring about “buy” buttons.

Twitter is said to have moved most of the staff working on its “buy” buttons initiative and many other have left the company, according tothis report.

Why this is important for your business:

Twitter relaxes tweets' 140-character limit

The move comes as Twitter's efforts to increase its user base and engagement have been sputtering, raising questions about its growth trend.

"Over the past decade, the tweet has evolved from a simple 140-character text message to a rich canvas for creative expression featuring photos, videos, hashtags, Vines and more," Twitter product manager Todd Sherman said in a statement.

"So, you can already do a lot in a tweet, but we want you to be able to do even more."

Twitter just added a new way of sending messages

The micro-blogging service has your back though, unveiling a new Message button that makes privately sharing tweets a whole lot easier.

Lining up as a fourth in-tweet option - alongside Reply, Retweet and Like - the new Message button lets your share the desired tweet as a direct message with a friend of your choice, opening up a new private conversation in the process.

Introduced in response to the growing use of the service's DM options, the new Message button follows a 200% jump in privately shared tweets in late 2015.


Twitter, Facebook and YouTube have been banned by North Korea

The country has announced that it is officially banning Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and all South Korean sites.

The Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications made the announcement this week in a move to highlight its worry over the spread of online information.

Although few North Koreans have internet access, with some able to access a government-sanctioned intranet, foreigners had previously been able to browse with little restriction.

The move will inevitably make it more difficult to spread information about the country to the outside world.

Key things to know about changes in Twitter's timeline

The rearrangement will show up only if you enable it. And it might not be that different from what you're already seeing under the "While you were away" section of your timeline.

Twitter announced the changes Wednesday as it tries to stay relevant in the face of stiff competition from Facebook, Snapchat and other services.

Here are key things to know about what's changing:


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Cancer Treatment Centre needs K10million

The country’s only cancer treatment Centre in Lae Morobe Province needs K10million to help bring the level of their service up.

Penrith Panthers applaud new stadium

Twitter suspends 125,000 accounts linked to terrorism

In a post entitled "Combating Violent Extremism", the social networking giant state that its rules make it clear that any behaviour that promotes terrorism is not permitted, and they have increased the size of the teams that review such accounts.

"As the nature of the terrorist threat has changed, so has our ongoing work in this area. Since the middle of 2015 alone, we've suspended over 125,000 accounts for threatening or promoting terrorist acts, primarily related to ISIS," the post reads.

Twitter moves to actively seek out terrorist supporters

The announcement demonstrated efforts by Twitter to automatically identify tweets supporting terrorism, reflecting increased pressure placed by the U.S. government for social media companies to respond to abuse more proactively. Child pornography has previously been the only abuse that was automatically flagged for human review on social media, using a different kind of technology that sources a database of known images.

Periscope streams now play automatically on Twitter's mobile app

Footage being broadcast through the app will be treated like any other video on the microblogging service, saving users a click or a tap.

Clicking through allows users to watch, like or comment on the full stream without logging into their Periscope account. In fact, you don't even need a Periscope account at all.

The feature is now live on Twitter's iOS app, and is coming to Android and the web in the near future.