VIDEO: Candidate dies in Simbu

Unconfirmed reports that have reached the office of the Provincial Electoral Office say Mr Kale Kua collapsed and died while on a campaign trail in the Karamui Nomane Electorate.  


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VIDEO: Struggles at Moreguina health centre

The Moreguina Health Centre is one of two health centres in Abau that is currently operating without an ambulance to transport patients.


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VIDEO: Simbu Election Issues

This comes after reports of two separate Motor Vehicle Accidents that involved campaign vehicles and supporters, resulting in two reported deaths. 


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​Department partners with TVWAN, NBC

Acknowledging this, the department of Community Development and Religion and UNICEF are partnering with TVWAN and NBC radio for a show dedicated to them.

This first of its kind public-private partnership saw the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding today between parties, after almost seven months of discussion.

The MoU paves way for the show, to be called Komuniti Toksave, which will run for the first 6 months as trial on a budget of K250,000.

Staff accommodation catches fire

A TVWAN reporter was at the scene to take amateur footage that showed the first few minutes of the fire service responding to the blaze.

At the scene, a staff residing at the Duffy accommodation said the fire had started at about 7.30pm, just minutes before the news team arrived at the scene.

More than 40 employees had lived there.

Female staff residents were taken to safety when the fire spread.

Rebirth of Haus Cook

It’s the rebirth of Haus Cook.

And this time, producer Aileen Asi has stepped it up PNG style.

The half hour weekly program is aimed at showcasing PNG’s dynamic food diversity.

This includes featuring various restaurants, chefs – and their favourite recipes, traditional dishes and also quick and easy budget meals that can be prepared at home.

Justin Olam- The Story So Far to be aired tomorrow

The five part story encompasses Olam’s purposeful rise over the last 12 months from a SP Hunter to signing with one of the National Rugby League’s most prestigious teams – the Melbourne Storm.

TVWAN Producer, Evan Oavita said the Olam story will be played on TVWAN Action tomorrow and then again on March 5 at 5pm.

 “This  will be the first of more productions like this as throughout the year we will feature more PNG players who play in the NRL such as Nene Macdonald, David Mead, Kato Ottio to mention a few,” said Oavita


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Central landowners against illegal land deal

Manumanu, Magabaira and Pinu landowners gathered at Konedobu, Port Moresby, yesterday to show their support for the illegality of the deal on their land.


TVWAN to air story on Justin Olam

Titled “Justin Olam - The Story So Far”, the three part story focuses on Olam’s transition from a SP Hunter to his signing with the Melbourne Storm to play in the National Rugby League competition.

TVWAN Producer, Evan Oavita said the Olam story will be aired on Friday, February 17 at 7pm on TVWAN Action.

“The story is on his life, background and a bit about himself and his career,” said Oavita.

Olam will become the second Papua New Guinean to play for the Melbourne Storm after Marcus Bai.

TVWAN brings best quality entertainment to viewers

During these two years, TVWAN has successfully become the leader in media entertainment in Papua New Guinea, locally producing more than 700 hours of content made up of over 5,000 local news stories, and broadcasting more than 100 hours of live rugby and 50 hours of drama every month. 

Digicel Play CEO Nico Meyer said he was incredibly proud of what TVWAN has achieved since its inception two years ago.

“We set out to become the best TV network in PNG and what we have been able to accomplish at TVWAN in such a short time is amazing,” he said.